Preserving pristine and picturesque beaches of Northern Adriatic coast, Bibione resort is genuine, unique and gaining all popularity it deserves leaving some space for peaceful cycling tourism. Its landscape variety and perfect balance between land and water, wooded areas and sand, fields and lush meadows, make this place a must destination for both cycling enthusiasts and occasional cyclists.

This location is also a perfect example of one more fascinating relationship between the environment and social groups that have interacted with those enchanting places from generation to generation, developing a rural and piscatorial system that has remained unchanged for more than five centuries!

Valgrande is one of the most precious gems on the necklace of Venetian Riviera landscapes blending natural, historical and cultural wealth. Valgrande area is recognized as a “Zona di Protezione Speciale” (Special Protection Area) and “Sito di Importanza Comunitaria” (Site of Community Importance) also crossed by a fantastic cycle route that is absolutely not to miss.

Museum of the Naturalistic Education Center is perfect starting point introducing Valgrande with its unique natural and cultural heritage: a mosaic floor of Roman villa dating back to at least the time of emperor Honorius leaving room for dirt paths between dunes and low ridge, in an alternation of ups and downs that will lead straight to the lagoon edge to admire the magnificence of Venetian fishing valley.

Valgrande is a private property that can only be accessed with a guide. Contact our reception to know more important facts about Valgrande and take advantage of our Bike Park: choose the vehicle you prefer and get ready to discover the extraordinary Valgrande cycle route!

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